Prosecutors Say There Were Empty Beer Cans In And Around Chris Soules' Truck A The Time Of The Crash

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BUCHANAN COUNTY, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28) — The Buchanan County Attorney has filed a resistance in response to Chris Soules’ attorneys’ attempt to get his charges dismissed, saying he didn’t tell all the facts about his role in a fatal crash. Soules is accused of leaving the scene of an accident after fatally rear-ending a tractor driven by 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher last week. The county attorney says that by leaving the scene, Soules could not explain empty and partially consumed alcoholic beverage containers in and around his car that he was seen buying at a convenience store shortly before the accident.


Not great! Not great at all if you’re Chris Soules. I’m not a lawyer but it can’t be good news that they found empty beer cans in and around his car after he killed a dude. It’s also not great for Soules that he was spotted at a gas station buy booze literally right before the crash. Pretty much all of the things you don’t want to be seen doing before you get into a crash where you kill somebody, Soules was doing. Again, not a lawyer, but it would appear that the walls are closing in on the former Bachelor. Then again maybe not. This feels like one of those cases that is going to drag on and on and on and on before we get a verdict. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. Soules was drunk when he hit the guy, checked on the guy after it happened, waited for some emergency vehicles to show up and then bounced cause he didn’t want to get a DUI. Done. Case closed. But that’s not how the system works so it’ll be forever before this thing is resolved.