Boston Has A Disturbing Pattern Of Incidents Like The Adam Jones One

You know the story by now, after the Orioles win against the Red Sox on Monday night, Bob Nightingale reported that Adam Jones had racial slurs, and peanuts thrown at him from members of the Fenway crowd. Feits, Jared, and PFT did a great job blogging about it. Old Balls whats his name, did not. It’s made national news now, and it’s crazy that in 2017 there is still things like this happening in baseball. This isn’t the first time Jones has had racial slurs and food thrown at him, while in San Francisco in 2013, a banana was thrown at him while in center field.

The fact that Old Balls, Albert Breer, and a few other media people are saying “WELL WHERE IS THE PROOF THEY YELLED THE N WORD AT HIM?” is unreal, absolutely unreal. Are people that god damn dumb that they think Adam Jones, who had a great game on Monday night, is sitting in the outfield when his team is playing great and thinks to himself “you know what, I’m gonna lie to the media and say some Masshole called me the n-word”.  Get the hell out of here with that shit. Jerry asking for CONFIRMATION that the n word was yelled at Adam like he’s trying to break a story for a trade, get real. 34 people were kicked out of the game that night, but it seems that Jerry thinks none of those people were intoxicated enough to yet racial slurs at a guy, he just needs proof. When I read Jerry’s blog I honestly thought it was a PFT blog.

Adam Jones doesn’t need to prove shit to Jerry Thornton, he doesn’t need to prove shit to Albert Breer. Like Buck said during the riots in Baltimore, we’re not black. We never have been and we never will be. I don’t have to go to work and worry about a racial name being yelled at me. It seems like that is happening by a handful of people in Boston. I would just love to know why the hell Jerry Thornton needs PROOF that a grown man was called a racial slur in 2017. And for Jerry to say “no one would be more upset than I would be if it was true”, thats a joke of a statement.

The Boston fans listened to Mookie Betts and gave Adam a standing ovation before the game. Good gesture, whatever. Kind of weird that 24 hours earlier you had guys throwing peanuts and n words at him, but now the entire crowd wants to save face and now they all want to be heroes. But no one wanted to step up when people were throwing shit and slurs. Got it. I’m also still trying to figure out why everyone in Boston all of a sudden needs proof that this racist yelling happened. It’s only happened to Torii Hunter, Torrey Smith, Ken Griffey, David Price, Joel Ward. Do I need to keep going?

I’m not saying all of Boston is racist, because they’re not. I’ve been to Fenway Park, I had a great time, I didn’t hear any slurs, it was great. I agree with everyone in my mentions saying to not let a few bad apples ruin the whole thing. But let’s call a spade a spade. Boston has had this problem for a while. Name calling, throwing stuff at players. Yes it happens everywhere, I can recall two times Toronto fans have thrown stuff at Orioles players while on the field, everyone knows the story about Philly fans and their batteries, shit, even Terps fans throwing quarters and batteries at the parents of Duke players, this stuff happens at every MLB, NFL, NHL, and NBA arena in the country, it just seems to be happening a lot more in Boston. Good for the Red Sox making a statement about the incident, along with the mayor, and commissioner too.

I’ve probably been to over 250 Orioles games in my 28 years, have I ever heard a racial slur yelled? Not until JJ came to a game last season (I joke). I’ve never heard one yelled, have there been racial slurs yelled at Camden Yards? Probably. But it isn’t a pattern like it is in Boston. Idk what it is about the fans there, maybe it’s the beer. But it seems to happen a decent amount.

Here is just a run down of the examples you get if you do a quick google search of incidents that have happened involving racist comments and African Americans in Boston.

-Torii Hunter (from Bleacher Report)

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.46.33 PM

-Barry Bonds

The Boston Globe reported in Friday’s editions that Bonds said the town was “too racist for me” and that he would “never play there.”

-Joel Ward after eliminating the Bruins in the NHL Playoffs

Many Boston fans tweeted racial slurs at him, but then did the PMT “It was a joke!!!” gag. Oh, got it. 


-CC Sabathia

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.56.13 PM

BUT IT HAPPENS EVERYWHERE!!!! Yeah, but it seems to only stick out to baseball players when they go to Boston.

David Price and other Red Sox players have even come out to Red Sox officials and said they have heard racial slurs tossed at them from Red Sox fans. Do you need proof for that too, Jerry? You want video of that to confirm what you think?

-Ken Griffey Jr.

Who could be mean and racist to the kid? Apparently the city of Boston can. This is an excerpt from a book called “Shut Out: A Story of Race and Baseball in Boston”

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.58.30 PM

I mean, how many examples do you need? Is that enough proof for you Jerry? It’s happening IN YOUR STANDS. I didn’t even go into he racist things tweeted at P.K. Subban, or the Trayvon Martin jokes that were reportedly made in 2013.

Again, 99.9998% of Boston is a great town, you guys may speak funny, like the wave and “Sweet Caroline” way too much, and god damnit do you guys know how to win a football game, but don’t act like this is an isolated incident, because it’s not. Adam Jones wasn’t the first guy to have that word yelled at him, and he won’t be the last, not even just in Boston. It happens everywhere and it’s sick. Idk why it seems to be happening more in Boston, but that is up for you guys to fix. I’m not in the stands at Fenway, you guys are. Maybe just don’t be an asshole who yells racial slurs? Tell Adam he stinks and chases pitches in the dirt, he’ll probably chirp back, but don’t step over that line.