Adam Jones Gets A Standing O In Hist First At Bat Tonight

Cool moment and a nice gesture from the Fenway Faithful. Obviously, it doesn’t change what happened last night but it at least makes a point to note that all of us aren’t like that.

It was a wild day all around the media world today following Adam Jones’ revelation last night. People didn’t want to believe it, people demanded evidence, some people called Jones a flat out liar. That’s all crazy to me. I’m one of the first to jump to the defense of Boston when some talking head randomly opines out of nowhere that it’s a a racist city, but when a player points out a specific incident then I’m going to believe him. Adam Jones has been in the MLB since 2006, did people think this has been a long con in order to paint Boston as a racist city? He was biding his time, waiting for a random night in May to make up some lie? Be better than that. Boston’s in America so there are racists here. You don’t need proof.

I understand the desire to fight back from that label, especially Boston because it feels like we’re often getting pegged with that and folks are sick of it. But in a specific instance? I’m going to believe the guy (for those who need witnesses they have since been uncovered). I’ve been to Fenway 100s of times and I’ve never heard anything that crossed the line but that doesn’t mean the idea is inconceivable. Again, I understand the instinct to deny it, it’s like a parent being told their child is misbehaving. Most Bostonians have so many great memories at Fenway and with the Red Sox that you don’t want them to be tarnished, you don’t want to think of it as anything less than perfect, but it’s not. There are assholes here, a lot of them, and some are racist. I don’t want to say it’s “ok,” because it’s not, but it’s ok to admit that some people are racists. Freaking out and calling victims of racial abuse liars is just a fucking weird reaction. Accept that it happened, do what you can to apologize, and do what you can to call out those doing it around you if you ever find yourself in a piece of shit’s area.

It sucks to get painted as a racist just because one guy in your city said the N word. It fucking REALLY sucks. But I’m guessing that’s something minorities deal with every day, being held accountable for the actions of few. So suck it up and stop acting like babies about it.