Blues/Preds "It Would Increase Our Chances To Win The Series If We Win This Hockey Game" Game 4 Live Blog

NHL: APR 30 2nd Round Game 3 - Blues at Predators

Nothing fancy needs to be said here. It’s been a tight series but the Nashville Predators have scored more ice hockey goals in more games than the St. Louis Blues. Rightfully, they own a 2-1 series lead. You can nitpick stats and you can sabermetrics yourself into a cocoon of analysis but those are the facts.

Going back to the famous Scottrade Center for game 5 down 3-1 and with momentum favoring the bad guys is a death sentence. We do not want a death sentence. The Blues need to score more goals than the Predators tonight in order to put themselves in a better position to win the series.

Will be tough. Nashville is a dangerous place where they promote violence.

Sad. Luckily, as the recent presidential election taught us, when there’s a Russian will, there’s a way.

Blues in 6.