Hillary Clinton Is Back, Instantly Blames Her Loss On Everything And Everybody But Herself

Nice blast from the past from Hillary Clinton today. Blaming everything and everybody but herself for losing to Trump. Says the Comey letter “raised doubts” in the minds of voters. On October 28th.

Uhhh Hey Hil Dog, you don’t simply raise doubts a week before the election. Those doubts were there. Those doubts were everywhere. They’d been there YEARS before the election. Decades. FBI Director James Comey didn’t simply “raise” those doubts in the minds of people that were hook, line, and sinker going to vote for Hillary Clinton.

You’re a liar. You’re sketchy. You hid all sorts of shit then lied about it then continued to lie about it then got mad at people that uncovered it then acted like you couldn’t believe people were interested in it. Then you blamed and continue to blame everyone else for putting it out while refusing to blame yourself for creating the shit that is detrimental to your character as a candidate for President.

Another person to blame? Misogyny. And Putin.

Look, I’m dumb but not a full idiot — the Comey letter obviously hurt Hillary Clinton. It sure didn’t help. But SIX MONTHS after the election, and that’s the main thing you’re pointing to as the reason you lost? You’re insane. You’re clueless. You’re tone deaf.

The Comey letter acted as one of many catalysts that sparked a deep, deep distrust the electorate had for Hillary Clinton. And that deep distrust stems not from Putin or from Comey letters, but from who she is, from what she’s said, from what she’s done.

Maybe that’s what she should blame?