Should Bruins Fans Be Worried About Patrice Bergeron Scoring On Himself In This GEICO Commercial?

Listen. I like Patrice Bergeron. I think he’s a very nice player. Would definitely agree with somebody who were to say that he’s one of the more underrated guys in the league. I don’t think he’s God’s gift to hockey like most people in Boston would like you to believe. But he’s a stud who rarely gets the amount of praise he deserves. However… we cannot just idly sit back and let this GEICO commercial slide. Because as you can clearly see, home sweater Patrice Bergeron wins the faceoff back to himself.


It’s a good, clean win. Something that we’ve come to expect out of Patrice Bergeron in the faceoff circle. Guy won 60.1% of his faceoffs this year. Compare that to all the other 1C’s in the league and he’s got at least 5% on everybody. That’s not the issue here, however. It’s what home sweater Patrice Bergeron does with the puck after he wins the draw.

He clearly puts the puck in his own net. Patrice Bergeron. The same guy who has won the Selke trophy 3 times as the league’s best defensive forward. Puts the puck in his own goddamn net. Now I may not be an expert but I can tell you right now that scoring on yourself does not demonstrate the most skill in the defensive component of the game.

If I’m a Boston Bruins fan, I’m worried about Patrice. Sure, he’s a 50-60 point scorer but that’s nothing prolific. The biggest factor in his game is how well he plays defensively. And if he can’t do that anymore? If he just forgets how to play defense and continues to score on himself? Well then you’re better off throwing Zac Rinaldo out there.

Sidenote: this has been a horrific Stanley Cup Playoffs as far as hockey related commercials are concerned. This Gatorade commercial is littered with irony after the Blackhawks were swept in the 1st round and only scored 3 goals total the entire series.

“Game over”. Incredible that they just keep running it.

[h/t to r/hockey for pointing out the Bergy commercial]