Introducing The Saddest Spurs Fan On Earth

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And there you have it, the saddest NBA fan in the world. SEVENTY TWO THOUSAND MILES. Where even is that? Middle East? China? 7,200 miles away feels like you took the wrong route because by 7,000 miles you’re already on your way back. All to see the Spurs get absolutely CURB STOMPED by the Rockets last night. Brutal man, absolutely brutal. Kawhi AND THE GUYS!!!!

If this kid isn’t from America, which I’m assuming he isn’t, how do you become a Spurs fan? Just pick the most boring guy on planet earth and be like yeah I love him, he’s my favorite, Tim Duncan for life. Wild move. And then to spend your time in America in San Antonio Texas. Fuck, someone let this kid visit a real city before he has to go back to wherever home is.