X-Pac Arrested After Allegedly Trying To Bring Meth Onto A Plane...I Wish He Wouldn't Do That

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TMZ - WWE legend X-Pac was arrested at LAX over the weekend after cops say he tried to carry meth and marijuana through customs … TMZ Sports has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us … 44-year-old Sean Waltman was flying out to a wrestling event in the United Kingdom when he was stopped at Customs and officials discovered the drugs.

We’re told airport police were called to the scene and Waltman was arrested on the spot. He was transported to a nearby jail where he was booked for possession of a controlled substance.

To make things worse … during the process, officials noticed an outstanding warrant for Waltman stemming from a prior DUI arrest.

Bail was set at $35k. He’s since been released.


I really need Xpac to not be back on the meth. Not for him, not for me, but for all of us. We already lost Chyna, so we cannot lose Xpac. It’s like a Sullivan Brothers situation- we have to protect DX. So if Xpac is back on the meth, which he claims he’s not,

then we need to scoop him up and plop him right back into rehab. I will not have Xpac dying on my watch. No siree bob. Because growing up sucks enough as it is, and people you love as a child dying is one of the worst things about it. Xpac is still just 44. There are many bronco busters in his future. Let’s hope it was all a big misunderstanding, maybe he just had a little nug of weed in his bag, and he isn’t back on the ice.