There's A New Instagram Chronicling All The Times People Go Bare-Assed On Vacation For Photos

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 11.39.25 AM

Unilad – We’ve been graced by a shit ton of god awful trends already in 2017 and it looks like we now have a new contender.

‘Cheeky Exploits‘ is an Instagram account which is simply dedicated to ‘making the world happier through butts’

The page, which has over 86,000 followers, regularly shares snaps of people’s asses from around the world, because why would you want to go and actually experience, say, The Northern Lights, when you can just moon there instead?

I’ve seen this trend of going bare-assed in photos in scenic locations pop up for women in some of the screenshots for the Tinder roundup and I guess now it’s a full fledged movement deserving of a trend piece and an Instagram handle dedicated to it. And you know it’s a full blown NSFW social phenomenon because you’ve got the good butts:

Dude butts with good butts:


Bad dude butts:

WTF butts:


And this dude butt who’s way overachieving:

Bottom line, it’s a lot of fucking butts, a whole bunch of people are traipsing around the country busting them out. And honestly I’m jealous of it. Would I personally post my own ass to social media just because I’m on a nice beach and desperately trying to show how in touch with nature I am? Probably not. But anyone who’s on vacation somewhere nice and trying to embrace their inner Instagram model and getting after it to the point of pantsless is definitely living life to the fullest. Outside of the crush of the big city, warm air engulfing your mediocre beach dick, beautiful scenery all around you…that’s what freedom must truly feel like. Just gotta make sure you don’t end up on an episode of Locked Up Abroad in that attire.

Also there are some reeeeeal aggressive chick butt shots if you wanna do the digging. It’s a rabbit hole though, you’ve been warned.