Why Don’t Hockey Players Wear Full Cages?


I talked about this the other day on the rundown after Logan Couture got his face mashed in by a puck. And I got reminded of it again last night after Sidney Crosby got crosschecked in the face. Why don’t hockey players wear full masks? It may be the dumbest thing in the history of mankind. It’s like these guys are proud to get their faces mangled. They are proud to lose all their teeth. It makes NO sense. You wear a mask your entire life playing hockey right up till the pros. You can see just as easily. Then when you make it to the NHL and guys have 100 mph slapshots you get rid of it. You got guys diving around to stop shots with their faces exposed. It’s nuts. You know deep down in places these guys don’t talk about at parties they wish they could wear the cages. They just can’t be the only pussy that does it. But they all know it’s just a matter of time till it’s their turn to take a stick or a puck the grillmix. It’s a bizzaro world version of hazing. There is no honor in getting your face destroyed. It’s just stupid. It’s may be the biggest hardo move in the world. It takes more courage to not give in to the peer pressure and use your brain.