Dahntay Jones Dunks In Garbage Time, Gets Ejected For Talking Trash, Then Gets Fined 2/3 Of His Salary

USA TodayFor the second time in as many years, LeBron James is going to pay for an in-game mistake made by teammate Dahntay Jones.

Jones, who received two technical fouls (and was subsequently ejected) for trash-talking after a dunk in the fourth quarter of the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Game 1 win over the Toronto Raptors Monday night, will be hit with a $6,000 fine by the league.

Since Jones — who is only earning $9,000 with the Cavs since he signed a veteran’s minimum deal on the final day of the regular season — would be docked two-thirds of his salary, James — who made $31 million this season on salary alone — offered to pay Jones’ fine.

Thank God Lebron likes Dahntay Jones. Imagine if you were the team dickhead and everyone hated your guts? And you were on the hook to pay literally 2/3 of your salary for a dunk that put you up 14 with 18 seconds to play?  Yes, Jones is only making $9K from the Cavs because of how late in the season they signed him.   And yes I’m sure he’s got plenty in the bank and he’s not some minimum wage day laborer who can’t eat now because of a league mandated fine.  But the principle remains –    losing 66.6% of your income because of the most meaningless dunk of all time is problematic.

Two points, two techs and an ejection.