Softball Player Launches Heroic, Game Tying Home Run...Naturally Stomps Directly OVER Home Plate

Classic. How can someone Fe-Fi-Fo-Fum around the basepaths and stomp directly over the plate, you ask? I mean, it happens (not really but we’ll give her some benefit of the doubt). But that’s what goes down when every home run in women’s softball gets a celebration at the plate that rivals Bobby Thompson’s Shot Heard ‘Round The World. It was back-to-back dingers, so it’s not like home runs come once in a blue moon. No shit she got distracted and forgot to do the simplest only task of rounding the bases. Act like you’ve been there before, ladies.

Even so, this wasn’t even the most incompetent way we’ve seen a softball team cost themselves a W. If you can recall that one time a game ended with a glorious, walk off, inside the park…pop up to the catcher…

Or the time the game ended on a two-run bases loaded walk…

And my personal favorite in which I’m shocked the sport survived after this State Championship game that ended on a walk off, inside the park…strike out.

Gals. Gotta love ‘em.