YouTube Star "DaddyofFive" Goes Viral For "Pranking" His Kids, Promptly Loses Custody For Child Abuse

IndependentA family have lost custody of two children featured in a series of “prank” videos that some said were in fact child abuse.

The YouTube account “DaddyOFive” became wildly popular in recent weeks for posting videos where parents played “pranks” on their children. Those included the parents accusing one child in particular, named Cody, of a range of bad behaviour – and then punishing him physically and emotionally for it.

Now Rose Hall, the biological mother of 9-year-old Cody and his sister Emma, says that she has obtained emergency custody of the kids.

“They’re doing good,” Ms Hall says on the video where she appears with her lawyer. “They’re getting back to their playful selves.”

We’ve been watching the evolution of the prank for years now and it looks like its finally reached its apex? I mean maybe I’m dating myself but back in my day a prank was like calling somebody on the phone with a fake voice or drawing a dick with a sharpie on your passed out roommate or throwing toilet paper and eggs all over somebody’s house. Grew up a little bit and pranks turned into walking through the hood stepping on people’s Jordans until they punched you in the face or walking up to guys and saying you’re gonna fuck their girlfriends and stuff. And now, “DaddyOfFive” has taken us to the prank max – verbally and mentally abusing your children on camera to get a viral following. Psychologically damaging them for some YouTube “thumbs up” votes. Messing with their psyche so bad a judge literally takes them away from you.

Its creators, which included Cody’s father, claimed that the videos were harmless pranks and that the children didn’t mind taking part in them. But a range of prominent YouTubers said that the videos in fact depicted abuse – pointing to videos where the parents scream and swear at the kids, tell them they are going to be adopted and one where Cody’s father appears to push him into a bookcase.

Those videos gained the channel almost 800,000 subscribers and millions of views, as well as supporters who said they enjoyed the stunts being shown in the video. But they also attracted detractors, including YouTube star Philip DeFranco, whose video editing clips together of the family has been viewed more than three million times.

I don’t even know where we go from here. Murder? Do we walk up to somebody and shoot them in the face then stand over their bleeding out body and say “just a prank!” into the HD camera and upload it to our channel with a wacky neon font overlay?  Who knows, we’ll see where the viral winds take us.