Cop In Trouble For Calling Female Officer "Captain Boobs"

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Fox4- An internal investigation from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office reveals a deputy called a female deputy “Captain Boobs.”

According to the report it the deputy called her by the name in front of a new deputy they were training. 

The report says that when Deputy Christopher Patricella entered the room where the trainee and female deputy were, he greeted the female deputy by saying “Hey, Captain Boobs!” She responded by saying, “Excuse me?” 

When she asked what he was referring to he said, “You know what I’m talking about.” She said she was completely shocked and embarrassed and could feel her entire face and ears turn bright red.

The report also says that she felt Deputy Patricella’s comments were referencing her significant other, who is a Captain. 

She says the conversation carried on after Deputy Patricella’s “Captain Boobs” comment. The report states that he went on to ask her “why a Deputy, Sergeant, or Lieutenant, are not good enough to date, and why she jumped straight to the rank of Captain.” 

I feel like cops have been getting a bum rap lately. Being a cop used to be the shit. Everybody had their hands dirty, which meant you made serious coin on the side. You had a gun and you could pretty much kill people and the world accepted that you were in the right. People looked up to cops. But then dashcams and smart phones and women came along and made things way more complicated, as the SJWs started recording every little incident. What a bore.

Look, I understand you can’t call a woman “Captain Boobs.” It sucks, because that is an awesome nickname. Awesome. I know exactly what this lady cop looks like based on that nickname, and I also know that the “bad guy” who called her that is exactly the type of guy I want to hang out with. Every once in a while, you have to check him, rein him in as he starts to tell an inappropriate story. But for the most part, he’s hysterical.

Captain Boobs, on the other hand, is good for one thing: her boobs. They’re huge. She’s the captain of the boobs. Scholars suggest the nickname derives from her relationship with the captain. Boobs + dating the Captain = Captain Boobs. But everyone in the precinct knows the real deal: Captain Boobs is the captain of the boob ship and she steers those icebreakers down the noses of every rookie on the beat. Just keep them out of your mouth. Unless you’re the captain, who gets to kiss titties whenever he wants.