A Drunk Guy Started Problems On A Flight, Got His Ass Beat, Then Was Arrested For Assaulting An Employee

Japan Today – A 44-year-old American male passenger has been charged with assault after he choked an All Nippon Airways (ANA) employee at Narita International Airport on Monday night.

According to police and an ANA spokesperson, the incident occurred just before 6 p.m. on ANA Flight 6 which was about to depart for Los Angeles. Fuji TV quoted police as saying the American passenger, who was drunk, started acting in an unruly manner.

Deeming him a potential safety threat, the airline decided to ask him to disembark before takeoff. However, the man resisted, hit a woman passenger and after leaving the plane, proceeded to choke a male airline employee, which led to his arrest.

Seems like a certain airline could take a few tips on how to sedate an unruly passenger from Asia out of the United handbook. And I don’t know what it is but does it seem like lately there are a ton more disturbances on planes? It’s possible we’re just getting more of them on camera and it feels like there’s more but whenever I see something like that, I start to wonder about it like a Malcolm Gladwell book, namely wondering if there’s any way to blame something tangential for it with precious little actual evidence and act like it’s legit. And to me it seems like it could be two things:

1) People forgot 9/11 - 9/11 was over 15 years ago and a lot of people working on planes, flying regularly, they don’t remember what it was like for those first few years post-9/11 where everyone was well-behaved and subservient on flights because they were so grateful to get somewhere safely. So now combined with people’s selfishness in general and time subsiding those emotions, people can be complete assholes with impunity again. Especially when pushed to the brink by…

2) Airlines have driven people insane - Prices go up, airlines give you nothing on a flight and basically treat you like cattle, customer service often hasn’t been improved by their increased presences on social media. I mean if you think about it and compare airline travel to any time before you were born, it’s actually gotten worse in about every way but the equipment. When a service gets worse and prices get higher and people also now wait in lines on top of lines and are stripped of their shoes, belt, and their dignity (find me a dignified man without a belt, I challenge you), people are going to get ornery. Put some more cameras and the sense of entitlement of recent years and you’ve got a powder keg.

So let dudes like “did a little meth” Guy Fieri here be a reminder to keep your calm on a flight or else you may end up on Twitter/getting an extreme sentence from Japan’s none-too-friendly judicial system.

Also I for one am shocked that the 44-year-old man with neon dyed blonde hair and a red Hawaiian shirt was out of control drunk and would probably be better excommunicated from society. Almost as shocked as he was when he started all the problems and also ate all the punches:

Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 8.52.03 AM

Getting gobbled up, being surprised by it, and then threatening to kill the guy is as bad of a look as a Macy’s ripoff Tommy Bahama shirt.