Lebron James Pretended To Drink A Beer At the Cavs Game Tonight…So Much For Being A Great Dad And A Great Role Model

Fraud James strikes again. Listen I’m not morally opposed to having a a “few adult beverages” every now and again. But how many times have we heard Bron Bron rant and rave about being a dad and being a role model for kids. How you can’t call somebody a bitch because he’s a father. But suddenly endorsing drinking on National TV is okay? Listen drinking and driving is still the #1 killer of teens in this country. (I made that fact up) So if any kids get in accidents tonight that’s on Lebron and his laissex faire attitude towards underage drinking. I hope somebody asks him about this after the game, but you know they won’t. They’ll be too busy asking him about Kendrick Lamar’s new album instead of the fact he’s out there promoting silent killers. Shame.