Will "Hockey Nate" Ever Blog About Sidney Crosby Getting Cross Checked In the Brain and Getting Knocked out of the Playoffs?

I didn’t want to blog this. I’m not a hockey guy. It’s Caps vs. Pens. It’s game 3. Nate called this the biggest game in the history of the Capital franchise. And Sidney Crosby just left the game after getting cross checked to death and Nate is nowhere to be found. #Sad. So I’ll cover for him and say this was a dirty cheapshot. It wasn’t planned. It wasn’t premeditated. And yes Crosby fell into Nisonen, but he still cross checked him in the brain. Obviously it’s worse because Crosby is a pussy and left the game and disgraced the “hockey tough” mentality, but it’s still a cheap shot. Now the Pens have to fight and kill everybody. That’s the rules as I understand them. #whereishockeynate