Apparently WWE Superstar Braun Strowman's Dad Was A Slow Pitch Softball Legend Who Hit Over 1,800 Home Runs

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I’m a big WWE guy, but I stay away from blogging it because I’m not trying to get spider monkey’d or challenged to a fight in the octagon. Figured I could sneak one in here on this story because there’s somewhat of a crossover to what I do in regards to writing about dudes who swing a stick at a ball with the intentions of hitting said ball really far.

Anyway, so Braun Strowman is a big, scary motherfucker in the WWE right now, but before he was doing that, he was a strongman who competed for and won national championships for lifting things up and putting them down. Heavy things. He’s listed at 6-foot-8, 385 pounds, which in simpler terms is categorized as a “fucking monster”. I met him at Kowloon last year (shout out to Andy Wong) and he might honestly be the largest human that I’ve ever seen in person. I cover the Red Sox, whose longest tenured player is Dustin Pedroia, and Strowman takes shits that are bigger than Pedroia.

You take one look at a guy like Strowman, and at first you notice how huge he is, but then you might take notice of his other features like his big ass beard. If I showed you this grainy video of slow pitch softball legend Rick “The Crusher” Scherr smashing softballs into outer space, you’d probably notice that he’s also A.) huge, B.) powerful and C.) has a big ass beard, and you might say something like, “Who’s that, Braun Strowman’s dad or something?” Yeah…yeah, it is his dad.

“The Crusher” is such a generic nickname, and I feel like every fat dude who hits the most home runs for their beer league softball team is nicknamed “The Crusher”, but if you hit more than 1,800 home runs like Rick Scherr did, then you are The Crusher. That’s the one guy who has truly achieved Crusher status, and it only makes sense that if it wasn’t Braun Strowman himself who hit that many slow pitch softball home runs that it must be Braun Strowman’s dad.

(h/t CBS Sports)