Grading the Newest Sex Scandal Teacher*


TennesseeA family is seeking $4.5 million in damages from Roane County Schools and a contractor after a female janitor allegedly raped a then-16-year-old male student at Midway High School during school hours.

Jessica E. Galyon, 29, of Philadelphia, Tenn., was arrested Feb. 23. … The victim’s parents are suing Roane County Schools and Compass One Services of Tennessee, the contractor that employed Galyon, for negligence in allowing the alleged rape to occur. …

Galyon first began talking to the teen in August before allegedly attempting to escalate the relationship by insisting he give her his phone number and become her friend on Facebook.

Galyon allegedly began sending “flirtatious and sexual messages” to the boy, who told Galyon her advances were “unsolicited, unwanted and unwelcome,” the lawsuit reads.

 On Sept. 16, Galyon allegedly invited the boy to visit her in a hotel room so they could have sex. The boy rejected the offer and said he didn’t want “any further contact” with Galyon, according to the lawsuit.

When the boy ultimately confronted Galyon about her unwanted sexual advances, she allegedly took him into a room and raped him at the school during school hours.

“This was the first ever sexual encounter of any kind that (the boy) had ever had in his life,” the lawsuit reads. …

Galyon’s harassment of the boy was publicly known, according to the lawsuit. Students and faculty members teased and bullied the boy, calling Galyon his “girlfriend.”

One faculty member even told the boy he was “jealous” of him “because he wanted to have sex with Galyon,” according to the lawsuit.

The alleged rape and subsequent harassment prompted the boy to drop out of Midway High, enroll in home school and begin attending weekly counseling sessions.

I’m not saying this is a frivolous lawsuit, but I’m not NOT saying this is a frivolous lawsuit. Oh, our poor boy. He had his V-card swiped by a hot older woman when he really should have been in English Lit studying Beowulf and now he needs counseling. We need tons of money to make him whole again. As if.

You know what this lawsuit is? Elitism. Classism. Snobbery. If Jessica Gaylon was a science teacher instead of the school janitor, this thing never makes it past the clerk’s hearing and winds up on the docket. But this is this the people of Roane County acting like somehow it’s harmful for a high school kid to bone a grown woman just because she pushes a broom and sometimes has to clean up puke with that bag of magic green shit. Well I for one won’t stand for it. Being a school janitor is a noble profession that’s been derided for far too long. Seriously, ask anyone to name the major characters in The Breakfast Club and how many to they name? Six. The five kids and Mr. Vernon. No one ever mentions Carl, the wise and kindly janitor/poet who waxes philosophical about being the eyes and ears of the institution even while taking wiseass crap from Bender about the custodial arts. Well I for one do not think Jessica Gaylon is an untouchable peasant, a serf, a peon. She is an equal and every bit as entitled to drag a boy into a broom closet and bang him as any teacher.

The Grades:
Looks: Jessica is one of those counter-intuitive SSTs in so far as she looks better when she’s not cleaned up. I mean, those F-me eyes in the mugshot, that makeup-free, hair up, DGAF look in the bar, actually look better than that selfie in the sweater. That said, she’s your classic good-not-great face with a very solid body bringing her grade up. And I feel the need to grade on the scale of high school custodians. So a
Grade: B

Moral Compass/Bad Judgment: There’s just so much win here. You have to like her aggressiveness. Getting digits. Facebook stalking. Picking the right moment in the middle of the school day and seizing the opportunity. I’d say “she wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer,” but that presumes the kid ever said “no” anywhere but in the lawsuit. Extra points for the teacher who congratulated the kid for the score, like they’re college roommates or something. This has to be the sexiest story involving a school janitor ever told.
Grade: A

Intangibles: “Compass One?” Make that “Moral Compass 10.”
Grade: B-

Overall: B. Congratulations, Ms. Gaylon. You are the Jackie Robinson of Sex Scandal Janitors.

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