A Huge Barstool Sports RIP To Mbah Gotho, Who Died At The Tender Age Of 146

A man who claimed to be the world’s oldest person has died at the age of 146, it is claimed.

Mbah Gotho, from Indonesia, was said to have documentation that showed he was born in 1870.

A lifelong heavy smoker, Sodimedjo – as he was also known – was taken to hospital last month for an undisclosed health complaint.

He discharged himself six days later and ate only porridge until he died a few days later, his grandson Suyanto told the BBC.

Well this freakin stinks. Poor Mbah, man. I know my pal was looking forward to that 150th birthday celebration. Looks like he’ll have that Darty in heaven instead of on Earth with us mortals. Make no mistake about it, Mbah was a god. Outliving several or your wives is easy. Outliving your children is a little bit harder. Cruising by your grandkids in their graves as you continuously stunt on the grim reaper is the ultimate boss move.

Ripping cigs and eating porridge until my last day is exactly how I wanna go. My tits would be swinging low like a chariot and my dick would be but a memory. Wouldn’t matter because I’d be the oldest mother fucker on the planet and my haters would be absolutely devasted.

RIP, Mbah! We’ll miss you. No one can say it better than Mbah favorite singer, James Blount.