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Putin Says Gay People Are Allowed In Russia Now But They're Just Not Allowed To Touch Any Children



Sochi, Russia (CNN) — Russia’s Vladimir Putin again sought to downplay fears that gay visitors will be discriminated against as he paid a visit to the Sochi area Friday, exactly three weeks before the Winter Olympics get under way. Putin’s remarks came as he met with volunteers for the games, the state-run Itar-Tass news agency reported. The President said Russia, unlike some other countries, does not criminalize homosexual relationships.

“We don’t outlaw anything and don’t nab anyone,” Putin said.  “That’s why you can feel safe and free here, but please leave our children in peace,” he added. Russia has come under international pressure since its parliament passed a law last summer outlawing “gay propaganda.” The legislation makes it illegal to tell children about gay equality. The law has been widely criticized by Western leaders who have called it archaic and discriminatory. Human rights activists say it proves Russia is unworthy of hosting the latest Winter Olympics. Putin’s meeting with the Olympic volunteers came a day after he told foreign ambassadors in Moscow that the event would be held “without any discrimination” against athletes and visitors. “The games will be held in complete compliance with the Olympic Charter, without any discrimination on the basis of any characteristic,” Putin said Thursday, according to state media.



Fucking Putin, always the forward thinker. Here we are in America worrying about gay rights, and same sex marriage, spending our time and energy trying to make sure everyone is equal, meanwhile Putin just solved gay  people in like 3 sentences. Hey, you’re cool guys, suck as many dicks as you want, just don’t touch the kids, because then you’re not cool. Done and done. Just draw the line in the sand. It’s like going to a museum. Putin is the guy who takes your ticket at the front. No pictures, no touching art, and don’t put your gay fingers on any children. And you know if Putin hadn’t said this all the gays would have been coming out of the woodwork trying to touch a bunch of little Russian children. That’s 100% what would have happened. Gays love touching kids and making them all gay. That’s what they do. They bedazzle their clothes and wipe gay on children. Well not anymore. Not on Putin’s watch. He asked them nicely, and everyone knows gay people are great at following directions. So Russian kids, breath easy, you’re officially safe from the gays.