Jared Kushner Is Doing His Hair Exactly Like Trump Now. Bruuuuutal Look.

Much like I don’t have an opinion on the color beige, I don’t really have an opinion on Jared Kushner. Is he smart? Is he cool? Is he insane? I don’t really know, I’m just aware he exists and isn’t particularly divisive. He isn’t Donald Trump so that’s good and that’s about the extent of my, and I think most people’s, knowledge.

But this right here is a terrible look, especially when Kush is, objectively speaking, a pretty good looking dude. Can’t go around ruining your image by copying the hairstyle of one of the world’s most hated men, that’s some Hitler Youth stuff. That’s some Michael Jordan with the nose-width stache stuff. It’s insanity.

The weirdest part of all of this? Ivanka. No man, I don’t care how powerful he is, changes something like hairstyle without his wife’s permission. It’s just not done. Imagine coming home one day with a shaved head without running it by your girl? Of course you can’t imagine it, because it’s unheard of. So Ivanka approved this? That’s some daddy issues shit on a million, the likes of which I haven’t seen since I saw Paulina Gretzky’s 99 tattoo on her vagina. We often give Trump shit for so publicly wanting to fuck his daughter but maybe this goes both ways? Maybe Ivanka wants some Don in her life and make Jared do his hair like Trump, wear his cologne, shout about The Wall, and file for bankruptcy as role play? I’m just speculating here but it’s a strange situation all around.