A Hot Miami Chick Was Arrested After Going On Dates With Guys, Drugging Them, Then Robbing Them


NBC Miami – A young woman accused of drugging men and robbing them of tens of thousands worth of high-end jewelry and other goods throughout South Florida and up the East Coast to the New York area was behind bars in Miami Saturday.

Yomna Fouad, 21, is facing multiple grand theft charges and was being held without bond following her arrest early Saturday, Miami-Dade jail records showed.

“When I saw her with tattoos on her hand that’s when I knew automatically that it was her,” the man [previously robbed by Fouad], who didn’t want to be identified, told NBC 6. “I was waiting outside to go inside the club and she was going out the club. I walked up to her and I was like ‘wait a minute, this can’t be what I’m seeing.’ She looked at me and said ‘I don’t know you’ and she tried to run away.”

The 31-year-old man said Fouad approached him back in March outside of the Dream nightclub on Miami Beach. They started making small talk and she asked to go back his place, he said. Surveillance video showed the pair heading up the elevator.

“We had a couple of drinks, we went upstairs, she started giving me a massage. The next thing I knew I woke up in the morning, she was gone,” the man said

Also gone were his Rolex, cash, clothing, and other jewelry, a total value of more than $32,000.

“She has an innocent face, I was not expecting that from her,” he said. “Something like this definitely caught me off guard.”

That last sentence there…that’s why it’s a blessing for any guy on the East Coast who could have fallen prey to Yomna Fouad’s charms and cons that she’s safely locked away some where. You definitely don’t expect this kind of situation from a woman you’re bringing home from a bar or a club, not from a woman who looks like this:

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 9.20.03 AM

Especially these kinds of rich Miami-type dudes like this unidentified guy. He’s got money and jewelry out not thinking for a minute that a girl like this would rob him let alone drug him AND rob him. More likely he figured she’d do whatever a Miami chick normally does and come back to his place, be impressed by his views of the water, do his coke, and fiddle with his hairy dong until he baby batters up his belly button and rolls over snoring. Hell I’m not ruling out he would have brought her back for a round 2 even after she robbed him the first time; he would have convinced himself that “her face was too innocent and it must be some sort of mixup” then bam, he’s back in the same spot.

So that’s why it’s a blessing this menace has been locked away, to save men from themselves. Even if they knew there was a chance she might drug them and rob them, you know most guys would be like “yeah but she’s still hot” and think somehow they’re the one who’s going to become the Clyde to her Bonnie. She could have gone around Cosbying dudes and taking everything not screwed down from them for years. This hero man and the local police did everyone out there a great service, namely taking the chance to think with their dick out of the equation.

Keep your head on a swivel, you never know when a lady bandit may strike: