Joel Embiid And Ben Simmons Take An Innocent Pic With Policeman, Naturally JoJo Gives A Nod To His Own Horsecock

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 10.15.19 AM

What you they have in common, Joel? Are those horse’s bones and ligaments made of paper mache and Twizzlers, too? BOOM! Roasted. That can’t be true because if the horse was as brittle as Embiid it would’ve been turned into a fine paste being eaten by the slow kid in 2nd grade a long time ago.

Naturally JoJo gives a h/t to the giant between his legs. Again. Can you blame him? If I had Gary Coleman’s forearm hanging from my rafters I’d bring it up at any given opportunity, too. And nobody is going to deny his claim of packing extreme horsecock heat, either. A 7-foot Cameroonian’s dick should rival any hammer in the Animal Kingdom. The damn hog is most likely fluent in multiple languages and could get a Passport if it tried. We just gotta be sure he continues to pull a Patrick Ewing and keep that bad boy taped to the leg while playing ball. If that thing escapes it’ll kill more people than Smallpox. #WeAllFromAfrica, but obviously came in different shapes and sizes. Sadly.

Did I just write a post about Joel Embiid comparing his dick to a horse? You’re goddamn right I did. There’s nothing this guy does that won’t be bloggable. Now do me a favor and cue it up.