If We're Being Perfectly Honest, I Don't Like A Bunch Of Goofy Canadians Singing The Star Spangled Banner

So the big talk out of the Stanley Cup Playoffs last night was the crowd in Edmonton singing the Star Spangled Banner after the mic unexpectedly “cut out”. Now from a completely objective standpoint, that was a damn good performance. Personally I think we should get rid of anthem singers all together and just let the crowds take care of them at every sporting event from here on out. But regardless of how good people from Edmonton sing, I still can’t help but feel like those goofy Canadian bastards were trying to pull a power move here or something. Sorry if I’m starting this Monday morning off a little too woke but I don’t buy the idea of the mic just cutting out like that. It feels like the Canadian people are trying to lord us Americans. All of a sudden Canada has a couple of teams just 2 wins away from the conference finals and they think they’re hot shit again. After every Canadian team missed the playoffs last year and now we’re some charity case to them? Get outta here. I know what you’re doing, and I don’t like it. Can’t help but feel this is pay back for the crowd at MSG chanting “USA! USA! USA!” after knocking out the Habs in the 1st round. All I’m saying is something’s fishy here and it’s not just Corey Perry opening his legs.

By the way, I hope everybody reading this blog right now realizes how lucky we are to be living during the same time period as Connor McDavid.


Holy shit what a move. Throws on the brakes and then gives John Gibson a front row ticket to the SnipeShow with backstage passes. Ducks ended up scoring 3 goals after this to win 6-3 but it looks like McJesus is just starting to get himself going these playoffs. Pray for anybody in his path and thank whatever god you believe in that you’re alive to witness it all.