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Let's Have Some Fun - Wizards Vs Celtics Game 1 Live Blog

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 12.53.42 PM

Straight up, this series should be a ton of fun. The Celts and Wiz hated each other during the regular season. Every game was an old school battle. And now they are squaring off in the playoffs and it’s going to be awesome. All bias aside, I think the Wizards are the better team, and match up really well against the Celtics. Wall is going to cause all sorts of matchup problems, as will Gortat and Morris. There’s no discounting how good of a coach Brad Stevens is, nor how good of a defender Avery Bradley is.

John Wall is coming off a 42 point game, and Beal a 31 point game. After last night, I’m settled into my couch and ready to watch some awesome basketball.