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The Orioles Are Playing Like Shit This Series And I Don't Like It

No other way to say it. These last 2 games against the Yankees have been trash. This is ’98-2011 Orioles shit. Actually, the first 7 innings of Friday night’s game were going fine for the O’s, at one point they were up 9-1 and then 11-4. They lost that game 14-11 in extra innings as Brad Brach blew his first save, and Jayson Aquino laid a nice meatball on the plate on the Matt Holiday walk off.

A god damn 8 run lead and they blew it. The Orioles pitchers just took their foot off the gas, and tried to cruise through. Can’t do that against these guys in this ballpark. Kevin Gausman had a decent start for the first time since Opening Day, but couldn’t go deep enough into the game, seems like he lost focus and just lost it. He went 6, gave up 8 hits, but 5 runs too. Only 3 Ks, and 2 homers, both to Aaron Judge. Vidal Nuno gave up a grand slam to Jacoby Ellsbury for his first career slam too. Brach walked Chase Headley to start the bottom of the ninth, Holliday singled, Ellsbury grounded into a force out that scored Headley, and then Starlin Castro went down on one knee and hit a bomb to tie it. After that bomb, you knew the game was over for the O’s. Just fucking hacking against Chapman and had no chance. Mentally, they looked defeated. Do you blame them? They blew huge leads twice in this game. Whatever, make it up the next day, right?

NOPE. Ubaldo on the bump and gives up a bomb to Brett Gardner, who was hitting .188 and  hadn’t had a god damn RBI all year. Gardner finished the game with 2 homers, thanks a lot Ubaldo you got damn bum. This game got out of hand quick too. The Yankees found themselves up 5-0 after 2, 7-0 after 4, and 12-2 after 7. So if my math is correct, after the Orioles went up 9-1 on Friday night, they were outscored 25-6. Live look at Ubaldo’s stat line this season- 7.83 ERA, 1-1, 1.74 WHIP, 20 earned runs in 23 IP, and that includes 7 2/3 of shut out ball against the Reds. He has 16 Ks and 15 walks too, so he’s not missing bats, and he’s just putting people on. Ubaldo may be my most hated Oriole ever.

I mean we all knew Ubaldo was going to get ripped, you just knew it. He is awful, yet the Orioles have to trot him out there because of how garbage their rotation is. How much longer can you do this? Look at his starts this season by inning, 4.1, 4.1, 7.2, 3.1, 3.1. Yes the Orioles are now 4-1 in his starts, but no thanks to Ubaldo. He is guessing where every pitch is going, he’s only getting first pitch strikes on 50% of the batters, and batters are batting over .370 when they are ahead 1-0 in the count against him. It’s not like he gives the O’s a chance to stay in the game either, he’s out here with 80 pitches through 4, causing them to dive deep into the bullpen. He absolutely has to be able to get deep into games, and he has shown that he can’t.

I hope and pray everyday that this god damn joke of a pitcher will be DFA’d every morning I wake up. And the worst part is he has the same thing after every shitty game. ” I have to be better, I want to do better” blah blah blah. Give me a break dude. I want the Orioles to eat this contract so damn bad. Please end this shitty contract.

Only good things that have come from the first 2 games of this series is that Manny Machado is hitting again, and Caleb Joseph FINALLY had an RBI. Manny hit the farthest ball of the season on Friday night, right around 470 feet to dead center, that is Judge territory, but Manny took it over for that at bat. An absolute bomb from Machado, who had been slumping bad, but is now 4-9 with a homer and 2 doubles in this series. Joseph finally got on the board with a run driven in after driving in 0 people last year, none. It was his first RBI since September of 2011. He did it in grand fashion, a 2 run bomb.

This series is the first one lost by the Birds this season, and it comes at a bad time. 3 against NY, 4 against Boston, 3 against the White Sox and then 4 against the Nats. This is one of those stretches that can tailspin into a 1-7 run. They have to fix it, and that first step is weeding out the thorns. Vidal Nuno? Get lost. Ubaldo Jimenez? Enjoy working at the snack bar next year, you squid. Jayson Aquino? Keep taking those selfies in the bathroom, cuz that is what major league pitchers do, enjoy Norfolk.

Wade Miley is on the bump for the O’s tomorrow as they attempt to not get swept. Even with these back to back shit games, the Birds are still 14-8 and in second for the first time this season. 140 games left. #PrayForRDT. #FireUbaldo