Brooklyn Prep School Lacrosse Coach Fired Because The Players Snuck Out Of Their Room, Bought Booze, And Had Parties During A Trip To Disney


NY Post- The lacrosse team at a tony Brooklyn prep school is paying a heavy price after more than a dozen players got busted for sneaking out of their rooms at night to throw wild, booze-soaked parties during a trip to Disney World. Poly Prep Country Day School in Dyker Heights — which counts rocker Jon Bon Jovi’s son and New York Knick Joakim Noah as alums — fired the entire lacrosse coaching staff after the disastrous training camp at the Orlando resort last month, school officials confirmed.

While their coaches slept, about 15 Poly Prep players — roughly half the team — hopped in Ubers to local liquor stores, used fake IDs to stock up on booze, and returned to an artificial beach area at the complex to party, a team source said. Students from other schools joined the nightly bashes — and the Poly Prep students sold them some of the alcohol they stockpiled, the source said. “The coaches would go to bed very early and so they don’t watch any of us and all the kids would get to go out because there is nothing going on at Disney and because the coaches were asleep,” said the source. “We would Uber to liquor stores and use fake IDs.” Despite their daytime lacrosse activities, a source said the parties, which attracted up to 50 participants, took place for six consecutive nights.

While coaches, including respected former head coach Brooks Sweet, apparently never caught wind of the misconduct, word leaked to administrators once the team returned home. On April 14, Poly Prep head of school Audrius Barzdukas sent an email to parents acknowledging the misbehavior and announcing the firings. “It came to our attention that members of the boys’ lacrosse team did not uphold our shared values and expectations on their training trip during spring break,” the message read. Sweet, who also taught at the school, one other full-time coach and several part-timers were all sacked. “You can’t just have coaches who allow students to do that,” said a school source. “They didn’t suspect anything, but adults should know kids are going to try to do that and they better be prepared.”

My reaction while reading this story:


So wait, let me get this straight. These lacrosse players did what basically not only what every group of high school kids on the planet would do and their coach is being fired for it? What a bunch of bullshit! Yeah I know the parents can get upset that their kids snuck out of their room and were left unattended. But in the iconic words of Dr. Ian Malcolm, life uh finds a way. If kids want to get fucked up when they are on a trip, they are going to find a way to get fucked up. Whether they sneak out when the coaches are sleeping or try to make homemade gin in their hotel bath tub. Kids that go on a trip to Disney and spend all their free time on the teacups and Space Mountain are the kids you really have to keep an eye on. Those are the kids that become serial killers. And not only that, but these kids were out embracing capitalism and becoming young entrepreneurs. Isn’t the point of prep school to prepare for the real world? Those kids are playing for a school from Crooklyn but they didn’t steal the . They learned how to get a product wanted by the public, created a market, slung it like Nucky Thompson, while likely having a shitload of fun. Give the coaches a slap on the wrist for allowing this shit to go on all week I guess. But you can’t forget that those coaches are getting away from their wives, kids, and shitty lives. Fuck those administrators and parents for this witch hunt. I hope noted alum Joakim Noah witholds all the money he is stealing from the Knicks from any future Poly Prep fundraisers.

Also you can’t fire Brooks Sweet from being a lacrosse coach. Look at that face. More importantly, look at that name. Brooks Sweet was put on the planet for one thing: Coach kids named Blake and Colt to twirl a stick in their hands and throw balls into a net.

And that was talking lacrosse. I leave all future lacrosse blogs to Jordie (or Hank if Frannie Lydon ever comes back wearing the 4-5).