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Do You Think There Are Any Stoolie Vegans?




So this question came up on KFC Radio yesterday. Would you rather go vegan for the rest of your life or pee sitting down? Now clearly the answer is pee sitting down. Not even a debate. I can’t even fathom not eating meat. I literally eat it with every single meal every single day. I’m currently juicing to win this challenge and that is the 1 thing that is absolutely killing me. The fact that I can’t eat meat. Feel like a little nancy boy, emotionally crippled. And I think 99.9% of stoolies agree with me on this. Which lead to my question, do you think there are any stoolies that are vegans? Out of all the different demographics, types of people, religions, personal preferences, a vegan stoolie has to be the most rare right? The smallest intersection on the Venn Diagram. My guess is there are 2, maybe 3 tops. I just can’t think of any type of people or group that are represented less. Like if you told me we have a strong pocket of Inuits in Alaska that read Barstool Sports in their igloos I wouldn’t be shocked. But if you told me there are 30 vegan stoolies out there I would be absolutely dumbfounded. Just doesn’t compute.





Is my face already skinnier? I think it is (this is where you say, yes, it is Big Cat, good work bro, you’re getting so diesel)