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PFT And I Made 32 Draft Videos For Tonight, Watch Them All On Barstool Sports Twitter, Instagram And Facebook As The Draft Unfolds

Welcome to Draft Night 2017. Quick explanation of what is coming. We were in Philadelphia on Tuesday and Wednesday and filmed analysis for each first round pick. Had some special celebrity guests, PFT puked because he stepped in human shit, and we ate cheesesteaks. After every single pick tonight you can watch our 30-60 second video about the player on Barstool Sports Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

We’re no longer in Philly because we had to come back to NYC for an interview (and exit interview, yes exit interview, hmmmm) with George Brett. I’ve never gone to a draft in person even when it was in Chicago because the NFL doesn’t give us credentials and filming gets shut down pretty quickly on premises. HOWEVER (Stephen A Smith voice) Smitty and Caleb are both there live in person, follow them.

So buckle up. Our goal was to bring you some draft content that isn’t the same old stuff you see on all the networks and twitter. 32 videos coming your way tonight immediately after every single draft pick. NFL analysis PMT style and a wonderful tour of Philadelphia, lets go!

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See you all tonight