Caller Pranks Mike Francesca And Asks When Matt Saracen Is Gonna Be Drafted Tonight?

No one loves a little FNL prank like I do, it’s the greatest television show in television history, but I really dislike this question. Saracen? That’s who we’re projecting? MATT Saracen? The same guy who worked at the Alamo Freeze and was an artist, a whiny pussy, with no size? Get out of here. Saracen was built like Johnny Manziel with the same passion for the game and a pinch of Tebow’s “all this kid does is win.” No one’s risking a mid-round pick on him. Maybe, MAYBE Belichick could take him in the 7th and convert him to wide receiver, but no GM outside of Cleveland would be silly enough to think that Saracen is a real prospect.

Tim Riggins? Absolutely. JD McCoy? Yup. Smash? Si. Vince Howard? You betcha. But Matt Saracen? No. Don’t be ridiculous. You don’t even have to know he’s a television character, you can just tell by the name that Matt Saracen isn’t an NFL quarterback. Doesn’t have the same pedigree those other names do. So while I admire the attempt you gotta make a better choice for a fake character to get drafted. Francesca is always gonna see through the Saracens of the world.