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The Simpsons Dropped A Video Mocking Trump's First 100 Days In Office Out Of The Blue

Look at The Simpsons taking a shot at the most powerful man in the free world from the clouds! Jeez louise. The whole thing had a very Treehouse of Horrors feel to it. The media finally getting to Spicey, Stephen Bannon and Jared Kushner are doing their best Smitty and Nate impressions, and Trump’s hair getting made fun of for the trillionth time. The only person that looks good in that video in Ruth Bader Ginsberg going all Charles Oakley on a Secret Service agent. Actually Melania looked good too.


Sup boo boo?

To be honest, I didn’t know Matt Groening and company had it in them anymore. I figured they just showed up to work, thought of some zany absolutely ridiculous situation for Homer to get himself into, and cashed a YUGE check from Fox. Nope, there’s still a pulse from the people that brought you yellow people. However now they are in the crosshairs of @realDonaldTrump. The baddest hombre on the internet. I don’t think he can go at their ratings or revenues since I think The Simpsons somehow still pulls viewers and cash in. I’m not sure how, but they still do. I hope Trump is very specific with his tweet and says The Simpsons hasn’t been a good show since a specific season. Was he a fan until Season 8? 10? 12? Does he still watch The Simpsons? Or did he never watch The Simpsons? You cannot trust anyone that didn’t love The Simpsons back in their 90s heyday, but I’m not sure you can trust anyone that still watches them all these years later. Trump’s answer will shape the way a lot of people look at him moving forward.

P.S. 6.8% doesn’t sound that bad in the grand scheme of things for the Trump haters, right? Sure a war with North Korea, Syria, and/or Russia could break out at any moment. But at least we are at the point where we can tell what color the progress bar is on his presidency.