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Our Guy Andrew "Beef" Johnston Gives New Orleans Bar Putting Lessons Then Buys Everybody A Beer

Hey Riggs –

Ahead of the Zurich Classic this week, Andrew “Beef” Johnston stopped by The Bulldog Uptown bar in New Orleans where he gave locals a few putting lessons. Equipped with one of his putters and using a pint glass as the hole, Beef challenged patrons to sink a hole-in-one. When one lucky participant did, Beef decided to buy the entire bar a round of beers. And, in true Beef fashion, he enjoyed a few pints himself.


Electric. This guy Beef gets a lot of hype and a lot of media coverage and man does he live up to it. Just a down to earth English dude who likes to go to bars and have himself a great time. Giving putting lessons, cellying with the patrons, buying rounds for all.

Only thing missing was this.

But other than that, great stuff. Team Beefers currently Even par thru 8 as of this writing.

PS geaux Saints.