Cornell's Oldest A Cappella Group "The Cayuga Waiters" Officially Disbanded After Investigation Reveals They Made New Members Sit Naked In Ice Baths And Rub Icy Hot On Their Balls...Classic A Cappella Stuff

ITHACA, N.Y.Cornell University’s oldest a capella group, the Cayuga Waiters, has been “permanently dismissed” following an investigation into hazing.

Cornell disbanded the all-male Cayuga Waiters after an investigation found the group required newer members to sit naked in ice baths and to apply Icy Hot to their genitals, the student newspaper, The Daily Sun reported.

Those incident occurred in the 2015-2016 school year, according to the report, but through the investigation, the university found that the group engaged in hazing over at least the last 10 years.

Cornell Interim President Hunter Rawlings said he supported the decision.

“This behavior has no place at Cornell, and I agree … that dismissal of the organization is appropriate,” Rawlings said in a statement.

University officials said the decision was not made lightly.

The Cayuga Waiters was founded in 1949 and has produced 25 albums, according to the Daily Sun.

Just some classic A Capella high jinx right here.  People tend to look at a capella singers as these nice, buttoned-up sissy choir boys who were too wussy to play sports so they took up singing.  It’s a stigma that not even modern success stories like Pentatonix and the Treblemakers can fully change the perception on.  But don’t tell that to the Cayuga Waiters.  They’re not just sitting around politely playing their little mouth instruments, oh no no no.   They’re out here fucking shit up.  They’re putting new members in ice baths butt naked and making them rub Icy Hot on each other’s ballsacks.  They’re probably making them hop out and elephant walk their way across hot coals then spanking their asses with a paddle while they brand them with a G-clef with a hot iron.   Just as badass as your campus’s most badass frat.  Sure the official disbanding and dismissal from campus is a setback, but administration acceptance comes and goes… the bad boy image stays forever.  Say helloooooo to some album sales and skyrocketing appearance fees.  Here comes treble.