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Nobody Had A Worse Night Than Marc Bergevin Did Last Night


TFW you have 3 points in game 1 of the 2nd round while the Montreal Canadiens are out on le course de golf today. 

What we saw last night is exactly what the Nashville Predators were looking for when they traded Shea Weber for PK Subban. You can disagree with his antics on the ice. You can say that he’s a polarizing figure in the locker room. But there’s no denying that PK Subban is one of the most electrifying defensemen in the league and when he’s on, he’s the biggest game changer there it. Outside of Erik Karlsson, I don’t know if there’s a defenseman who can completely change the game quite like Subban can when he’s on.

You had goal #1 which was eventually credited to Colin Wilson.


I know the Blues were on the penalty kill here but if you give PK Subban that much room to work with, you’re gonna have a bad time.

Then there was goal #2 which was another attempt by Subban to send a puck into outer space.


First off, that was a great play from Ryan Johansen who is another “misfit” the Predators took a chance on and are reaping the benefits from. And second off, that was a fucking rocket. Allen is lucky he didn’t get a piece of that puck or else whatever limb he tried to stop it with would have been amputated.

And then finally he had the primary assist on the Preds’ 3rd goal of the night to become the first defenseman in Predators history to score 3 points in 1 playoff game. Have yourself a night, PK.

Anyway, I know that a single game doesn’t determine who won or lost a trade. I know that who won or who lost a playoff series isn’t entirely indicative of who won or lost a trade. I get that as far as talent goes, the Subban for Weber deal was pretty much down the middle. They each bring something entirely different to your team while still being your #1 guy. But holy fuck what do you do if you were Marc Bergevin last night watching this go down? I’d imagine his night looked a little something like this.


Actually, I’d imagine his night looked exactly like that. And here’s to hoping there are many more similar nights ahead for Marc Bergevin.

P.S. – Shoutout to the Blues for scoring the same amount of goals against the Predators last night as the Chicago Blackhawks did in their entire series. People forget the Blackhawks got swept in the 1st round.

P.P.S. – The Predators still haven’t lost a game so far these Stanley Cup Playoffs. Which is why I like to call them the Fredators. Because they keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’ rollin’