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Chinese Guy Sick Of Everyone Making Fun Of The Finger He Lost As A Child Has Surgeons Attach His Toe To His Hand




Solid repair work right there.


(Source) Chinese surgeons have a love for the brilliant-yet-horrid aspects of their field (see: the put-a-hand-in-your-ankle and grow-a-nose-on-your-forehead type of stuff) and have overcome their gag reflexes once again for a gritty hand surgery in Changsha. The patient, Ha Yuan, lost the third finger of his left hand in a childhood accident, and had lived without it for some time. The jokes and awkward handshakes apparently grew too much to bear, and he found some innovative surgeons to come up with a solution. The doctors amputated the second toe on one of Ha’s feet, and grafted it into the finger-less spot of his left hand. These photos look a bit patchy, but doctors have assured Ha that—when all of the necessary healing is done, after about three months—he will have a working finger that looks nearly indisgtinguishable from his others, with the biggest difference being the size of its nail.



Fucking China man. Just when you think you’ve got them figured out they go and do something like this. Oh I’m so sad that everyone makes fun of my missing finger, it’s so painfully awkward, I know, let me put my fucking toe on my hand, that will totally make me normal. What a weird solution. And if we’re being honest here, as awful as it looks, it actually does kind of work in the fact that if you see him passing by you won’t notice he’s a nubber. That’s always awkward, when you see someone with a nub finger. It’s like a lazy eye. If I see someone with a lazy eye or a missing finger, that is literally all I look at. I try not to, I try to be respectful, but I’m still human. They know it and I know it. It is literally all I look at. So good work Ha Yuan, at least now it will take people a split second to realize you’re a real life Mr. Potato head with body pieces all over the place. Small victories?