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Shotgun Showdown Duel At A Rainy Phillies Tailgate Ended With A Lovely Brew To The Kisser

We’ve got ourselves a modern day Kit Henson on the hill! She did more with one throw than Clay Bucholtz did his entire Phillies career (2 atrociously shitty starts, baby!). The rules of the Shotgun Showdown Duel have been around since Aaron Burr ended Alexander Hamilton with a quick Sam Adams to the face. The Constitution clearly states all parties involved:

1) Start back to back.
2) Take x amount of paces away from each other.
3) Draw/chug.
4) Hurl the empty can (or bottle in Delco) at your opponent.

Simple as that. May the best drunk win. So why would this woman hurl a full can of beer at someone else’s face? Oh…

Women! Can’t live with ‘em, can’t explain a simple concept to them without getting hit square in the face with something.