Dude Comes Home To Find His Girlfriend In Bed With Another Man So He Does The Logical Thing And Takes A Bunch Of Selfies For Facebook

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The 2017 version of making lemonade out of lemons – making viralness and likes and shares and retweets out of getting cucked.

Coming home to find your girl in bed with another man is every dude’s worst nightmare, had to be the worst feeling in the world popping in from work early and seeing this. Picturing him rolling in with a bouquet of flowers and a bottle of wine and bursting through the door to surprise the love of his life. Honey I’m home! Oops honey is in bed with a tatted up black dude. Oh look there’s 3 used Magnum condoms sitting delicately on top of the trash can. Dang.

What’s he supposed to do? Shoot him and go to jail for the rest of his life? Fight him and run the risk of getting his ass whooped, insult to injury? Tuck his tail between his legs and mope off like a cucked, emasculated coward? All of the above options suck. You’re going to be bummed out and embarrassed regardless. Might as well get that social following up.

A mentality that every blogger can relate to.  Take the worst things in your life and convert them to pageviews.   Tried and true method of fighting depression.

Doesn’t hurt that this dude got instant sympathy from the entire internet and probably already has double digit pity lays under his belt by now.  Messenger probably POPPIN off.