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And Now Here's Clark The Cub On Comcast Sports With His Gigantic Furry Dick Out




Credit to the Deadspin photshop guys, they’ve been fucking with Clark the Cub all week, and yesterday it resulted in this. CSN in DC area running a picture of Clark with his huge furry penis. Am I mad? Yes, a little. It hurts that an organization that is continually laughed at for on the field ineptitude has now taken it off the field. Sort of an all encompassing suck that everyone in the outside world is joking about. But at the end of the day, I can’t be that mad because Clark’s dick looked pretty sweet. I mean I’m not totally up to date on mascot penis, I’ll need to do a little research to fully understand what kind of competition we’re dealing with, but from what little I do actually know I know that Clark is packing heat. So yeah, we’re getting laughed at, but it’s for our mascot’s awesome dick, things could be a lot worse, like losing 90 + games 3 years in a row. Now that would really suck.






I actually may frame this one.