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DeShone Kizer Casually Calls Himself "A Tom Brady Type With Cam Newton's Athleticism" In The Most Incredible Brag Of All Time

Notre Dame v USC

Credit: Lisa Blumenfeld / Contributor

“Name a college quarterback who goes into the game-plan meetings on Monday and throws his notes at the coaches,” Kizer said. “No one else game plans the way I do. No one else prepares the way I do. No one else knows football the way I do. No one else is as big as I am. No one else is as powerful a runner as I am. Pat Mahomes might throw the ball 80 yards and I can only throw the ball 72, but I guarantee he can’t throw an out route the way I can.

“No one else can do what I can do. And I’ve truly figured out in this (draft) process, if I can maximize all my potential in every aspect of the game – this is bold – I do have the ability to be the greatest quarterback to ever play. Imagine taking (Tom) Brady’s intellect and Brady’s preparation and putting it on a guy with Cam Newton’s body. Why can’t I be the greatest? The only thing stopping me from it is me. That’s what’s driving me now.” [USA Today]

First of all in all fairness to DeShone Kizer, he immediately said he was taken out of context.

But I kind of hope he wasn’t?  One of the most incredible casual brags I’ve ever heard.  Hey DeShone who would you compare yourself to?  Oh gee I don’t know,  if you’re making me answer, gun to my head, probably like…the best quarterback of all time, but combined with one of the most freakishly athletic quarterbacks of all time too.  Maybe him.    I fucking love it.  Like who in the world is saying this is a negative thing?  You don’t want your quarterback to be insanely confident with the drive to be the G.O.A.T?  What’s the alternative here?  He doesn’t answer or gives some lame canned response and everyone is saying he’s too reserved, too introverted to be a successful QB.  Damned if you damned if you don’t.

Don’t back away from it DeShone.  Double down.   Say you want to amend your comments and then say you forgot to add Joe Montana and Steve Young and Dan Marino and Johnny Unitas and John Elway with Michael Vick’s speed to your hybrid.  Fuck the haters.