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Swipe Drunk Love Talks About Competing For Love With Lacey From The Bachelor

The lovely cupcake that is Lacey Mark from The Bachelor joined the crew to discuss how to get the love of your life. Sure, locking down that guy/girl is different when you’re fighting 20 other people on national TV for one person’s attention, but is it really? Still gotta fire the same shots to get what you want. Other than that we got the normal caller jib-jab, what kind of certified loser would bring a first date to their intramural sports game, and the pick up line of the week which is making Octagon Bob feisty. Fun times had by most.

Thanks to Lacey for coming. Be sure to give her a follow, shout, and/or slide on Twitter and Instagram @Laceymmark.

And Big Daddy from the top rope!