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Making A Murderer: The Connor McDavid Edition

The 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs must be directed by M Night Shyamalan because of all the twists we’re seeing so far. That was a very good and topical M Night Shyamalan reference so I will give you all a quick moment to sit back down after your applause.

Anyway, up is down and down is up so far these playoffs. The 1-seed Chicago Blackhawks got swept by the 8-seed Predators in the 1st round. The 1-seed Washington Capitals are tied 2-2 with the Maple Leafs with every game being a 1-goal game. And for the Oilers, Zack Kassian has taken over the role as the offensive X-factor while Connor McDavid is the new goon in town.


Buddy, it’s a fuckin’ drop pass. Maybe wouldn’t hang there like a sitting duck admiring a drop pass when the 97 Express Train is rolling through the station. Shoulder down, feet stay on the ground before contact, drives through the body. That’s how you murder somebody like a good ol’ Ontario boy.

As for the rest of the game last night, well a couple of things happened.

1) Pete DeBoer should be getting a call from the NHL Department of Player Safety later today for this vicious elbow.


2) David Desharnais. Not a fan of Shark Week. Overtime dagger and Edmonton grabs the 3-2 series lead.

Have a year, Oilers fans.

P.S. – While McDavid was murdering teams with his body, Crosby murdered the entire city of Columbus with this one-timer from the bottom of the circle.

Not thrilled with the fact that the greatest hockey player in the world resides in Pittsburgh. Not thrilled at all. Thanks for showing up, Blue Jackets. Ya friggin hosers.