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PE Teacher In Hot Water For "Twanging" A Female Student's Thong

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Metro- A ‘predatory’ PE teacher who allegedly put his hand down a female pupil’s trousers, touched her breast and ‘twanged her thong’ has been banned from the classroom.

David Newton-Badman, 38, also grabbed the girl by the ankles in a swimming pool and told her ‘I hope this is not the last time I am between your legs’, a panel found. A disciplinary panel heard the married teacher behaved inappropriately and made lewd comments to a student from Phoenix Academy, in Telford, Shropshire.

He slapped her on the bottom and sent her a message saying something along the lines of ‘hotel room, get drunk, sleep with me’, the panel heard. He was also accused of telling the girl, who was under 18, that her car was ‘not big enough for what I have in mind’ when she asked him to teach her to drive.

While on the school skiing trip he also suggested a naked massage and messaged the girl saying ‘clothes on or off?’ The teacher also asked her to kiss him, sent her pictures of underwear he suggested he could ‘bite off’ and told her to do squats ‘to make her bum look bigger,’ the hearing was told.

They heard that on another occasion, while she was on a climbing wall, Mr Newton-Badman jumped up and ‘twanged her thong’.

The National College of Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) found him guilty of a string of allegations involving two girls and banned him from teaching for life.

Jumpin’ Jehosophats! David Newton-Badman with the most appropriate name ever. This is a BAD MAN. And I mean that both ways- like the Muhammed Ali way, and the criminal way. This PE teacher has been hitting for the statutory cycle and doesn’t give a shit what signals the third base coach (legal age of consent) says.

I’ll be honest though, this story is a little fishy. The girl asked him to teach her to drive? Did you guys ever ask your PE teacher to help you with some driver’s ed? I most certainly did not. Like hey Coach Davidson, once we’re done using these cones for this obstacle course, could we take them out to the parking lot for a lesson in parallel parking? Of course he came back with “Your car isn’t big enough for what I have in mind.” (Totally true, by the way. Car sex sucks unless you’re in the bang bus).

Having said that, pretty brazen behavior from Coach Badman. Grabbing her ankles in the pool and saying I hope this isn’t the last time I’m between your legs? Suggesting naked massages and playing her underwear like a harp? C’mon, coach. Sickening stuff.

“Twanging” a thong has to be one of the funniest images these eyes have conjured. I’m picturing that asian dude who plays the one-string instrument on the subway platform, stringing it up with some lacy Victoria’s Secret number and plucking away all day for tips. Twangggggggggg.

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