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Karlsson Kills Bs Again As Sens Go Up 3-1; Ottawa Could End Their Season Tomorrow

If the Bruins end up losing this first round series, and it sure is much more likely to happen after falling into a 3-1 series hole after last night’s 1-0 loss, then the cause on the death certificate for the season will read: Erik Karlsson. Simply, the Bs have no answer for him and it’s killing them.

I wrote in my series preview that the Bruins needed to pound him every chance they get. But they can’t hit what they can’t catch and I don’t know if Karlsson has taken more than a pair of hits this series.

But it also helps when you score. And the Bruins couldn’t have picked a worse time to go belly up. Backes. Bergeron. Spooner. Pastrnak. Somebody fucking do something, please. After an early burst of energy to start the game, the Bs looked passive and simply weren’t matching the Sens in intensity. They managed just 22 shots on net but Craig Anderson stopped them all.

I don’t know if the missing D is pulling down the rest of the team because guys have to pull more weight or what. But this team is out of sorts and will need to beat the Sens three times in a row to move on. Not looking good. We’ll find out tomorrow night if they live to see another day.

A few quick buds for your 4/20 bowl…

*Lots of mental errors from the Bs this series, some fatigue-induced but some just plain brain farts.

*The lone highlight for the Bs has been the stellar play and poise of the unflappable Charlie McAvoy. This kid doesn’t flinch out there and is all business. Unfortunately, he’s one guy and can only do so much.

*If somebody in your orbit complains about Tuukka Rask this series, cut them out of your life because they’re either a troll or they don’t know how hockey works.

*Lots of people bitching about the goal review last night. But last night was exactly what it was set up for. Guy was offside, puck crossed goal line, team gets review, no goal. If you want to fix it, then don’t allow for reviews once the puck leaves the zone—only allow it for the rush the goal was scored on. Like last night. Yeah, it sucks killing the momentum. But it’s better than crying, “How does the NHL not have instant replay? It’s 2016!” after yet another goal that shouldn’t have been allowed.

*Non-Bruins blog item. If you’re not watching BROCKMIRE on IFC, you’re doing it wrong.