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Ubaldo Jimenez Shut Me Up And Pitched A Hell Of A Game In His Win Over Cincinnati

Well, well, well, look who decided to show up. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Jemenez. Fresh off his last start where he was given a 9-0 lead and couldn’t make it out of the 5th, Ubaldo tossed the best game by an Orioles pitcher this season, his line was 7 2/3 IP/ 2 H/ 0 R/ 4 BB/ 3 K and even laced a ball for a hit against the first place (??) Reds.  He went 8.2 IP in his first 2 starts COMBINED, and went over 7 last night. He needed this outing bad. The Orioles needed this outing bad. With Zach Britton on the DL, and Gausman getting skull dragged by the Reds and not making it out of the 3rd on Tuesday night caused the Orioles to use their pen for 5 1/3, the Orioles needed this great start. The last hit that Jimenez had given up was to Stoolie, Tucker Barnhart in the second. He was on cruise control till then. Last week at this time I wanted to trade him for a bucket of bubble gum, this week, he’s allowed to stay just a little longer.

This is the Ubaldo we have been jerked around by for years. One night he looks like he couldn’t hit the ocean if he was on the Titanic, the next game he looks like a shoo-in for the Cy Young. Over 3 years of this up-and-down shit. If he could just put it together with that herky-jerky motion, the O’s rotation wouldn’t be THAT bad. I want to like Ubaldo, I really do. But I know that his next start he will go out there and give up 6 ER over 4, it’s just how he is. But for this start, I’ll eat my words, give me that fork and knife. I’ll gladly eat them if that means he pitches well. Everyone talks about what a nice guy he is, and all he wants to do is help the team win. That’s great and all. Chick fil a workers may be nice, but if they can’t help my team win games, I don’t want them on my team.

Bottom line is that Ubaldo stepped up in a big spot when the offense kind of laid an egg. They faced rookie, Amir Garrett, who is pretty damn good. That kid is going to be a stud. Only runs they got were a Jonathan Schoop single to drive one in, and a Manny Machado sac fly. Garrett held this powerful offense in check, much like Bronson Arroyo did the night before. Amir Garrett threw 7 strong innings, gave up 7 hits, 2 ER, had 1 walk, and struck out 12 Birds. Garrett is now 2-1 on the season with 21 Ks and an ERA of 1.83. Cincinnati has something here in this kid.

Tune in next week as we have another installment of “What Ubaldo Jimenez Will We Get Today?” as Jimenez takes on the Rays on Monday. O’s look to take the series tonight against former Oriole, Scott Feldman. You may have heard about a trade he was involved in once.


PS. Pies are back. Wins are back. Birds never went anywhere.