I'm A Little Butt Hurt We Didn't Make These Zach Werenski Shirts First



Ralph Lauren. Marc Jacobs. Tom Ford. Alexander McQueen. Absolutely none of them have anything on this stunning piece of fashion. It’s the kind of tshirt that stops you dead in your tracks and makes you realize that we are currently seeing a moment. A moment in history where a fashion icon is born and life as we know it has been changed forever.

Truly one of the greatest Hockey Tough moments in recent history. Immortalized forever on a tshirt. I’m sorry but you’ll just never in a million years see a shirt like this of LeBron James. Why? Because taking a puck to the face would have killed him and now you’re the dickhead wearing a shirt of a guy who just died 2 days ago. It’s just poor taste.

And oh yeah… legend has it that Werenski hooked this dude up with a signed jersey during the game. Kid is all heart. And thankfully that heart rubbed off on the Blue Jackets a little last night as they got their first win of the series. Got a little dicey there for a bit as the Penguins looked like they were about to break out the broomsticks. But a 5-4 win sends this one back to Pittsburgh for Game 5. Have to imagine the boys were playing extra hard to get that W for Zach Rewnski.