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Anyone Want To Buy Hitler's Toilet? Because It Is Now For Sale





This guy is way too happy to be in possession of Hitler’s toilet


(Source) The owner of a toilet used by Adolf Hitler has revealed he is desperate to sell his piece of history. The Nazi leader’s white porcelain toilet was uncovered last year in fully working order in a car repair garage in New Jersey. It was originally installed on the Aviso Grille, the official German State yacht, in a room adjacent to Hitler’s elaborate throne room on the luxury 433ft long boat. The Aviso Grille, built in 1935, was the largest yacht in existence at the time and was used regularly by Hitler. Workers at Greg’s Auto Repair in Florence, Burlington County, still use the toilet every day, which is located in a small, plywood walled room. The one-of-a-kind toilet was found by a previous owner in a nearby scrapyard in 1951. Current owner Greg Kohfeldt said: ‘I was invited on TV to sell it on a show dedicated to rare and unusual antiques but one of the experts called me evil for trying to sell it. ‘The episode was never broadcast. It was a real pain because I had to get the toilet disconnected to take there. ‘The toilet is getting a bit long in the tooth now. It still works well, the Germans knew how to build things back then.

Well if you’re a guy who enjoys sharing toilets with evil dictators that killed millions of people today is officially your lucky day! Step right down and share a seat with Hitler, guarantee he stood when he wiped.

The real question that this brings about is what type of pooper do you think Hitler was? Wasn’t he a vegetarian? Like I know that toilet has been sitting in a garage for over 60 years but it still matters. If you told me Stalin’s toilet was for sale I’d be grossed out. No way Stalin didn’t drop HEAT in the bathroom. Same with Mussolini. But if you’re trying to sell me a Hitler toilet, I’d at least look at the price tag, I bet he was one of those guys that takes a bunch of rabbit turd shits. Total fancy boy. Complete pussy shitter. You can go sloppy seconds on a guy like that. It’s not that gross.

And thus concludes today’s talk, evil dictators and how they took a shit. That was fun, let’s never do that again.