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Crikey: A Parliamentary Hopeful And Olympian Says North Korea Has A Handle On Obesity

James Cracknell has sparked outrage for saying North Korea has “got a handle on obesity”.

The Olympic rower cited North Korea and Cuba – two communist one-party states which have been plagued by food shortages – as archetypal examples of countries tackling obesity.

Cracknell, who is running to become a Conservative MP in 2020, said addressing obesity will be central to his parliamentary campaign.

Appearing on Sky News, the double gold medallist said: “If you think of the two countries of the world that have got a handle on obesity, what do you think they are? Which two countries?

“North Korea and Cuba.

“See they are quite controlling on behavioural change.”

After presenter Jonathan Samuels pointed out the fact people are starving in North Korea, Cracknell said: “Exactly. But there were sanctions and everything else. But the example is behavioural change.”

I dont know if it’s just me but it usually takes me longer to realize that a British person has said something stupid.

If someone from my home state of Florida said, “You see, North Korea actually has the obesity thing figured out” I would immediately know that they are a stupid person.

But when it’s a British bloke it takes me just a touch longer.

“These bloody North Koreans are proper skinny, yeah? Figured out the right diet, did they?”

Makes me think. But then… wait…no… they are skinny because they are actually starving.

I think this bellend is gonna regret saying that. I don’t think you can point to people who are practically enslaved and say, “well, their lack of food sure does make them have a better thigh gap. People love a good thigh gap. Should we adopt the North Korea diet? Well,,,, it’s hard to say.”

A better way to go about your day would be just flat out always suggesting that North Korea is in fact actually bad.