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Top 5 Jeopardy Moment - Answer: A Hired Killer Question: What Is A...

What a patently ridiculous answer. No, Kevin. The question is not “what is a hot gun?” Particularly because I don’t even think hot gun is a thing. You cant just make up phrases like this is an action movie. “What is fire killer?” What is a “murder ninja?” Hand on hip, long deep thought, dramatic pause…HOT GUN. Just amazing. You know that in this guy’s world that is 100% an acceptable answer. Him and his buddies probably drop “hot gun” all the time. It might be wrong in Trebek’s world. But not in Kevin’s. Hot gun, for the win.

PS – you know this guy has a couple teenagers at home like “HOT GUN? Dad are you fucking kidding me?” Most outrageous dad answer ever