Guy Falls Through Golf Shop Ceiling And Everyone Acts Like Basically Nothing Happened


“Hey Ron”

“Hey Billy, that hurt”


The word casual gets thrown around a lot these days. Casual this and casual that. Sometimes people are actually casually doing something and sometimes it’s just a filler word being used. Well not this time, this actually is the most casual way a man can fall through a ceiling inside of a golf shop. I mean from watching this video I would guess that Ron falls through the ceiling at least 3 times a week. You just can’t be more relaxed about a man falling through a ceiling than that. It’s not possible. It’s like the toilet being clogged or running out of snickers at the snack shack. Oh whoops, Ron fell through that hole in the ceiling again for the 10th time this month, we really should get that fixed.



Love how Billy tells Ron to not move a muscle so Ron just puts himself exactly back in his dead guy position. Like you didn’t actually have to lay back down like that Ron, don’t be silly dude.